Youth Crime Conference @ Twickenham Stadium

by Aimee Williams

On the 16th February, a group of Year 9 students went to Twickenham Rugby Stadium for a crime conference organised by the police. The day consisted of a lot of activities involving information about crime.

When we first arrived, our school had its own executive box, with an amazing view of the pitch. We went through a series of workshops which included a lot of information on healthy relationships, stop and search examples, consequences of fire crime, poster competition (we came 3rd out of 16) and our final workshop was a forum theatre. These were all very interesting.

We learned about the importance of fire safety, police respect, stop and search, avoiding unhealthy relationships and making the right choices. We then had lunch, which was quite tasty!

In the afternoon we were in the same room as all the other schools, where we watched a video about joint enterprise which showed interviews of three men involved in a murder. We were then put back into our school groups and had a discussion about joint enterprise and how a murder can affect everyone and what a horrible place prison is. It made me realise that just being a part of a crime can land you in jail. It made us all think that you really need to choose who your friends are very carefully. We then had to fill out a questionnaire about the day, received a pack with a ruler, oyster card holder, pen, pencil, a note pad and a few leaflets on crime and after that we had a questions and answer session . I think this experience has increased our knowledge about crime and shown us that even the things we thought wouldn´t be seen as crimes actually are. We also learnt about the effects crime has and how playing with fire can go terribly wrong. I think it was a very successful trip!