Role: day-to-day governance of the academy and ensuring the LST board's educational decisions are effectively implemented in the academy.

Staff Amanda Taylor
Co-opted Bob Edmonds (Vice Chair)
Co-opted Chris Collier (Chair)
LST Services Director Ursula Penarski
LST Chief Executive Steve Bolingbroke
Parent Linda Nathan
Parent David Butterfield (Co-opted)
Parent Siobhan Peters
Student Susie Burley
Parent Sam Redfern
Parent Sue Cornwell
Student William Lee
Co-opted Warren Wilkinson


You can contact the Chair by writing to them care of the Academy or by emailing the clerk Chris Hartley, at:

Agendas and Minutes

19th July 2010 AgendaPDF (pdf, 296.8 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 752 kB)
September 2010 Exam Results Review Not minuted
9th November 2010 AgendaPDF (pdf, 255.2 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 327.6 kB)
28th February 2011 AgendaPDF (pdf, 252.2 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 108.2 kB)
10th May 2011 AgendaPDF (pdf, 68.3 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 96.9 kB)
14th June 2011 AgendaPDF (pdf, 69.1 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 189.6 kB)
8th November 2011 AgendaPDF (pdf, 113.1 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 194 kB)
24th January 2012 Exam Results ReviewPDF (pdf, 106.3 kB) NotesPDF (pdf, 109.6 kB)
5th March 2012 AgendaPDF (pdf, 115.6 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 189.6 kB)
14th May 2012 AgendaPDF (pdf, 290.1 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 178.7 kB)
11th June 2012 AgendaPDF (pdf, 113.3 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 191.3 kB)
19th November 2012 AgendaPDF (pdf, 115.8 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 195.1 kB)
4th March 2013 AgendaPDF (pdf, 121.1 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 192.4 kB)
13th May 2013 AgendaPDF (pdf, 139.7 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 176.1 kB)
10th June 2013 AgendaPDF (pdf, 140.7 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 212.7 kB)
19 - 20 September 2013 Exam review notesPDF (pdf, 87.5 kB)  
18 November 2013 AgendaPDF (pdf, 141.7 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 212.6 kB)
20 January 2014 AgendaPDF (pdf, 138.7 kB) MinutesPDF (pdf, 208.7 kB)